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Cover designs meet the genre, from plain to fancy.

Our customers have been from all walks of life who requested a wide variety of services, and the best compliment is that most of our new customers are recommended to us by previous customers.

Amarillo has a unique culture and economy that few people outside of the panhandle understand. As native Amarilloans, we are well experienced in knowing what panhandle residents want and do not want.


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Our first self-published title in 1984 is still selling today.

The how-to book had a small first-printing of fifty copies, all of which sold within the first month. The author temporarily ceased sales for several years after she moved to a remote region, but she has earned more from sales than many authors might receive in royalties from major publishers.


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We published the #1 best selling e-book in Mobipocket's science/technical genre.

For two years Reality held the #1 spot, and at times it was listed in the top 100 best selling Mobipocket books worldwide.

(Due to Mobipocket being dismantled by its new owner, we no longer offer nor recommend e-book publishing except through Barnes&Noble®.)

Author Websites

Our websites are frequently listed in the top ten of search engines.

It does no good for an author to have a website that no one else can find. If a person is wanting to buy a clothing alterations book, the person will enter the description into a search engine and then click on the websites that the search engines find. At the time of creating this page, our website for the how-to book is ranked #1 in the English speaking world on Google (the most popular search engine).

We have other author websites that are ranked in the global top-ten on search engines, and all author websites are promoted through other sites that are ranked in the global top-ten for their keywords.

A basic web page is available to all authors free of charge. The basic web page is a separate page on the website designing website that lists and promotes the author's book. An email link can be inserted for customers to directly email the author.

The Basic Website plan creates a new complete website with its own domain name and URL address. The Basic website plan receives enhanced search engine optimization. It is common for a local business website to earn the top-ten regional spot (often #1) on Google within two weeks. The Basic website plan is $480.00 and includes the domain name and one year of hosting services. Additional pages can be included at an average additional cost of $90.00 per page. If the author prefers to not perform all website maintenance, domain renewals, and submissions themselves, the website can be maintained by us for an annual cost of $120.00.

High-End Web Design is for individuals who want a demanding online presence that is as emotionally overwhelming as it is effective. Pricing starts at $3,500.00 per page.

Due to the popularity of our websites, we are confident that the author will be pleased with either choice.


There are many advantages to doing business with a local self-publishing company. One advantage is that the author can meet and speak to the publisher in person. Email and telephone conversations do get the job done, but an in-person meeting can eliminate the delays normally associated with the mailing of files, manuscripts, graphics, and proofs.

Especially important for business manuals is the need for the publisher to meet the customer at the place of business to determine what will best suit the business needs.

The New Author Guide and Checklist have additional information on how to self-publish. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you might have.

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We do not publish every book submitted nor do we rely on gimmicks to draw customers. WSP has a good reputation, and we do not jeopardize our reputation nor that of our authors' by printing bad books. When you publish with WSP, you are assured of being in good company.

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